Concept PR is an agency which specializes in Public Relations, Employer Branding, and creating valuable content.

We support organizations, brands, and people who want to create their image, as well as communicate with the surroundings in a conscious and strategic manner. Many years of experience and dozens of conducted campaigns constitute our strong points. Commitment, creativity, flexibility, and openness are the advantages which set us apart from the competition.

Karolina Piekus

Account Supervisor and PR & EB Consultant. Founder and CEO of Concept PR. A true born PR specialist.

A PR professional with more than 15 years of proficiency. Experience, knowledge, and know-how confirmed by more than 100 conducted programs and campaigns. She has worked for circa 60 organizations – global corporations, Polish companies, NGOs, and start-ups. She feels best with corporate and crisis communication. A few years ago she additionally fell in love with Employer Branding. She has acted as a corporate communication director at Rowland Communications and Publicis Consultants |Rowland, as well as a strategic communication director at ATChristie. Before that she has worked inter alia for Warner Bros Poland and Wyeth (currently Pfizer).

She has studied English at the University of Warsaw but left it in favor of Public Relations and Political and Media Marketing at the Higher School of Marketing and Law. She has never regreted the switch. She got her professional education under the supervision of Prof. Krystyna Wojcik, Prof. Maciej Mrozowski, and Dr.Hab. Andrzej Drzycimski. Karolina Piekus is an organizer and strategist. She combines creativity with outstanding craftsmanship. She likes challenges but appreciates serenity. Privately a declared “cinema aficionado”.

I have been collaborating with Karolina Piekus for several years. I have long been fascinated by her ability to organize her own work and the entire project team. The tasks are done efficiently and in a timely manner. She is distinguished by the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. Karolina has a subtle instinct and the ability to react quickly and spontaneously. She is constantly motivated and makes everyone around her motivated. She senses the human nature and the functioning of the psyche. It is a type of comprehensive broker, a "cool girl", without prejudice, never makes a contact for tangible benefits. The range of her professional abilities is wide.
Tamara Bieńkowska
Coach, Trainer, Sparring Partner
Karolina is a real „communication surgeon” for special tasks. She is always well-prepared and open for the needs of the other party - she first listens carefully, then makes a quick and correct diagnosis of any „inflammation” and she performs the „surgery”, which changes the life of the „patient” for better. And, most importantly, with all her actions she proves that it is the Client who is at the centre of her attention and may expect her precious support. I am constantly impressed by her knowledge, efficiency and skills in building meaningful relationships. I Have been cooperating with Karolina for many years in HR and EB projects. And I recommend her : )
Zyta Machnicka
Employer Branding Partner and trainer, Lightness


Concept PR has a clear specialization of action but broad capabilities. Over the years we have established partnerships and strategic alliances in order to meet the highest demands posed by the Clients, at the same time keeping competitive prices. We work with the best and verified partners to include the following in our offer:

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