I have been collaborating with Karolina Piekus for several years. I have long been fascinated by her ability to organize her own work and the entire project team. The tasks are done efficiently and in a timely manner. She is distinguished by the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. Karolina has a subtle instinct and the ability to react quickly and spontaneously. She is constantly motivated and makes everyone around her motivated. She senses the human nature and the functioning of the psyche. It is a type of comprehensive broker, a "cool girl", without prejudice, never makes a contact for tangible benefits. The range of her professional abilities is wide.
Tamara Bieńkowska
Coach, Trainer, Sparring Partner
We have been cooperating with Karolina Piekus and Concept PR since 2012. During preliminary talks, we said that our PR ambitions are up to 1-2 publications every quarter. After half a year of cooperation, we had more than a dozen publications in industry-related printed media + more than 70 publications and comments in online media having a wide reach in our target group. The result exceeded our expectations so much that we continue our cooperation up to now. Not only because of the quantity, but also because of the quality of our cooperation. Despite much media activity, and because of the efficiency of the service, the intensity of media actions is not a burden for us. We can count for full engagement, reliability and professionalism, innovative ideas and hard competences and experience, and, when needed, we could count on a „manly” talks - which is why we surely avoided many crises. And even if a crisis happened, we know that we are in very good hands. To sum up, we get what could be offered by a large PR agency, but for a price that can be afforded by a local company, and what is important, we are cared for by an experienced expert and not by a junior consultant or intern.
Darek Dobrzyniecki
Managing Partner Persona GLOBAL Poland
Karolina is a real „communication surgeon” for special tasks. She is always well-prepared and open for the needs of the other party - she first listens carefully, then makes a quick and correct diagnosis of any „inflammation” and she performs the „surgery”, which changes the life of the „patient” for better. And, most importantly, with all her actions she proves that it is the Client who is at the centre of her attention and may expect her precious support. I am constantly impressed by her knowledge, efficiency and skills in building meaningful relationships. I Have been cooperating with Karolina for many years in HR and EB projects. And I recommend her : )
Zyta Machnicka
Employer Branding Partner and trainer, Lightness
Karolina led PR activities for my company ETTA Global Leadership Consulting. It was a fantastic and fruitful cooperation. Karolina invested time and energy to get truly familiar with our specific portfolio. Through her gentle influence, she managed to involve many of our consultants in contributing to PR activities, and despite our dense agendas and irregular lifestyle, she was always able to get us keep the deadlines given by the media. I especially appreciate Karolina's impressive orientation in HR media, her amazing professional network, and her sincere effort to raise our media presence. Personally, I appreciate the fact that Karolina guided me through the rules of media, and gave me many useful hints as the business owner. Karolina was able to combine the uncompromising quality with the personal human touch.
Monika Chutnik
Managing Director Etta Global Leadership Consulting
I met Karolina Piekus 5 years ago, while my company was going through complex processes of strategic changes. We have been cooperating in the area of internal communication, and Karolina supported both the HR department and the management board in communication activities directed towards the employees. I could always hope for her full support, flexible approach, professional assistance and much kindness. What distinguishes Karolina and Concept PR is real engagement in every activity and correct diagnosis of the situation. This is of particular importance when a company is going through serious changes and the communication strategy mist be adjusted both to formal requirements of a public institution and to „human” needs of the employees. Not long ago, I have invited the Concept PR team to organise a training on public speeches for Europ Assistance - I can recommend Karolina and her team also in that area.
Katarzyna Tuz
HR Manager Europ Assistance
I have been cooperating with Karolina for 13 years now and I could always count on her in difficult situations and in urgent matters. Karolina is an expert in her area - from idea to implementation. She is an excellent planner, creator and developer of communication that amazes. Why is it good to cooperate with Karolina? She has much experience in building and implementing the strategy of a brand/product and EB. Her analytical approach and holistic overview of the situation gives a sense of security in cooperation and makes me not afraid of changing the status quo, and this is one of the most valuable skills in client - agency cooperation. When engaging in a project, she does it with all her might and is responsible for her actions. This is often a rare thing while cooperating with an agency She is also excellent in the PR area and she has much experience in realising various projects in many business areas.
Ewa Wolska
Senior Manager Marketing B2B, Pracuj Group
Concept PR was cooperating with us between 2012 and 2015, being responsible for the internal and external communication policy in BRE Ubezpieczenia. For us, it was the time of many challenges and strategic changes, which is why I really appreciate the cooperation with the consultants of Concept PR. Karolina Piekus and her team have demonstrated much experience, knowledge and sensitivity in managing the company’s communication with regard to complex restructuring processes. With their professional consultancy, correct analysis and adequate selection of the actions taken for the current company’s position, our communication policy was coherent and clear.
Paweł Zylm
The President of the Management Board in BRE Ubezpieczenia (mBank Group)

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