Different ways might lead to your goal.

Sometimes it is better to go off-road and explore.
It is always good to choose your own path.

Let us join your journey.

public relations

In Public Relations the word “relations” is the key.

Relations with the surroundings are created imperceptibly. It is a sum of all experiences and sensations. It is an ongoing and environmentally sensitive process. It is primarily a careful exchange based on reliability, trust, and reputation. We specialize in corporate communication, media relations, and internal communication.

We know what to communicate and how to do it so that your organization can build valuable relations with its most important partners.

employer branding

The success of an organization is built by the right people executing a commonly understood goal.

Recruitment is a strategic process. The success and market advantage of the organization depends on its outcome. In order to reach the best candidates it’s worth to get to know them at first, then get to know them a little bit better, and finally reach them and convince them that only together you can achieve the desired goals. When a candidate finally becomes an employee, it’s worth to take care so that the promises made before are fulfilled in the course of daily practices and work.

Together we will design efficient and unique Employer Branding campaigns which are going to attract and keep talents at your organization.

content marketing

Content is the word that hits the spot.

Content is what fills each idea and strategy making them engaging, interesting, and comprehensible. Content informs and explains, it intrigues, attracts, amplifies and promotes what requires a public recognition. We create interesting and valuable content, but also engaging stories, which attract the attention of your recipients.

I have been cooperating with Karolina for 13 years now and I could always count on her in difficult situations and in urgent matters. Karolina is an expert in her area - from idea to implementation. She is an excellent planner, creator and developer of communication that amazes. Why is it good to cooperate with Karolina? She has much experience in building and implementing the strategy of a brand/product and EB. Her analytical approach and holistic overview of the situation gives a sense of security in cooperation and makes me not afraid of changing the status quo, and this is one of the most valuable skills in client - agency cooperation. When engaging in a project, she does it with all her might and is responsible for her actions. This is often a rare thing while cooperating with an agency She is also excellent in the PR area and she has much experience in realising various projects in many business areas.
Ewa Wolska
Senior Manager Marketing B2B, Pracuj Group
Concept PR was cooperating with us between 2012 and 2015, being responsible for the internal and external communication policy in BRE Ubezpieczenia. For us, it was the time of many challenges and strategic changes, which is why I really appreciate the cooperation with the consultants of Concept PR. Karolina Piekus and her team have demonstrated much experience, knowledge and sensitivity in managing the company’s communication with regard to complex restructuring processes. With their professional consultancy, correct analysis and adequate selection of the actions taken for the current company’s position, our communication policy was coherent and clear.
Paweł Zylm
The President of the Management Board in BRE Ubezpieczenia (mBank Group)

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